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Survey of mesopic research work

The TC 1-58 is currently outlining the existing and forthcoming works in the mesopic field in order to collect and compare data and to form a basis for a future standard on mesopic photometry. We would be grateful if you could fill in the survey.


CIE Expert Symposium ‘Vision and Lighting in Mesopic Conditions ‘05'

CIE Expert Symposium 'Vision and Lighting in Mesopic Conditions ‘05'. was held in León Spain on May 21, 2005. The Symposium was held along the CIE Mid-Term Meeting and International Lighting Congress.

The aim of the Symposium was to bring together people involved and interested in the mesopic lighting research. The task of the Symposium was to foster the exchange of ideas and to inform illuminating engineers of the new methods of evaluating mesopic light levels.

The authors and titles of their presentations are listed below with links to the presentations given by the authors:

Halonen L

Development of mesopic photometry based on new findings on visual performance (Invited paper)

Eloholma M, Ketomäki J, Orreveteläinen P, Halonen L

Contrast threshold and reaction time experiments in developing a performance-based mesopic photometric system

Szalmás A, Várady G, Lengyel N, Bodrogi P, Schanda J

Comparison of spectral contrast threshold and reaction time experiments in the mesopic region, with regard to chro matic effects

Várady G, Szalai P, Bodrogi P, Schanda J

Measuring mesopic visual performance: contrast threshold experiments – effect of stimulus size and shape

Sagawa K

Brightness in mesopic vision and the CIE Supplementary system of photometry (Invited paper)

Berman S

Some fundamental problems in mesopic lighting/vision research

Longueville J-L, Génicot R, Marville C

Comparative visibility experiments in the mesopic domain

Rea MS

A model of mesopic vision: The bridge to a unified system of photometry (Invited paper)

Akashi Y, Rea M, Morante P

An energy-efficient street lighting demonstration based upon the unified system of photometry

Kostic M, Djokic L, Pojar D, Strbac N

Influence of the theory of mesopic vision on road lighting design

Fotios S, Cheal Ch

The white light illuminance trade-off permitted in UK design for pedestrian lighting: Can it be validated?

Crawford DL

Mesopic? What is it, and what's its relationship to outdoor lighting?

Navvab M

Application of equivalent mesopic luminance and S/P ratio for exterior lighting design evaluations


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