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Light Energy – Efficient and Safe Traffic Environments



The project work is carried out in five work packages:

WP1. Visual environment and infrastructure modelling

WP2. Energy optimisation by mesopic photometry

WP3. Efficient and sustainable use of light

WP4. Overall optimised performance

WP5. Workshops and educational activities


WP1. Visual environment and infrastructure modelling

• conduct eye-tracking measurements to build patterns of visual
  fixations of drivers/pedestrians to analyse and define visual
  adaptation fields, and create data for road and traffic design

• combine novel mobile mapping systems (MMS) and
  infrastructure information modelling (IIM) with eye-fixation and
  luminance data collected from traffic environments

• develop a state of the art mesopic photometer, featuring full
  account of the eye adaptation field

• develop accurate and automatic techniques for roadside
  information modelling, based on MMS including 3D models of
  luminaires, poles, traffic signs, information boards and other