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Light Energy – Efficient and Safe Traffic Environments



The project work is carried out in five work packages:

WP1. Visual environment and infrastructure modelling

WP2. Energy optimisation by mesopic photometry

WP3. Efficient and sustainable use of light

WP4. Overall optimised performance

WP5. Workshops and educational activities


WP3. Efficient and sustainable use of light

• conduct surrogate traffic safety studies in respect to
  quantity/quality of lighting, develop method for converting the
  measured quantity into corresponding accident frequency and

• define control criteria and algorithms for adaptive outdoor lighting
  systems accounting for changes in traffic density and weather
  conditions, and for hazardous obstacles on the road

• use of traffic microscopic simulation system in development and
  testing of control algorithms

• develop methods for conducting LCAs for LED products and
  lighting services, find out ways to characterise the performance
  measure of street lighting