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Aalto Lighting Unit
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Light Energy – Efficient and Safe Traffic Environments



The project work is carried out in five work packages:

WP1. Visual environment and infrastructure modelling

WP2. Energy optimisation by mesopic photometry

WP3. Efficient and sustainable use of light

WP4. Overall optimised performance

WP5. Workshops and educational activities


WP4. Overall optimised performance

• build a Living Lab of smart lighting concept

• use Living Lab as platform for road user studies; visibility, safety,
  lighting performance

• develop comprehensive modelling and simulation environment for
  optimizing outdoor lightning

• apply the resulting model in IIM for energy performance analysis,
  retrofit and design options

• continue international benchmarking study initiated in EuroSDR,
  collect international inputs for main IIM object types in order to
  perform a benchmarking of the methods at global level

• develop and facilitate new co-operation model utilising Living Labs
  and transition management for change in the socio-technical