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LEDs and plant lighting


Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.) Liisa Halonen
University Teacher, D.Sc. (Tech.) Paulo Pinho

Research Areas:
  • Usage and Control of LEDs
  • Usage of LEDs in Plant Cultivation
Research Projects:
  • Pinho, P., Nyrhilä, R., Särkkä, L., Tahvonen, R., Tetri, E., Halonen, L., Evaluation of Lettuce Growth under Multi-spectral-component Supplemental Solid State Lighting in Greenhouse Environment. International Review of Electrical Engineering (I.R.E.E.), 2007, vol. 2(6), pp. 854-860.
  • Urbonaviciute, A., Pinho, P., Samuoliene, G., Duchovskis, P., Vitta, P., Stonkus, A., Tamulaitis, G.,Žukauskas, A., Halonen, L., Influence of bicomponent complimentary illumination on development of radish. Scientific Works of the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture and Lithuanian University of Agriculture - Sodininkyste ir Daržininkyste vol. 26(4), pp. 309-315, 2007.
  • Urbonaviciute, A.; Pinho, P.; Samuoliene, G.; Duchovskis, P.; Vitta, P.; Stonkus, A.; Tamulaitis, G.; Žukauskas, A.; Halonen, L.; Effect of short-wavelength light on lettuce growth and nutritional quality. Scientific Works of the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture and Lithuanian University of Agriculture - Sodininkyste ir Daržininkyste, 2007. Vol. 26(1), pp. 157-165.
  • Särkkä, L., Nyrhilä R.; Rosvall, T.; Tahvonen, R.; Pinho P.; Tetri, E.; Halonen, L.; LED-valot: mahdollisuuksia vai toiveita kasvien valotuksessa, Puutarha&Kauppa-lehti, nro:11, 5/2007, sivunro: 20-21.
  • Pinho, P.; Tetri, E.; Halonen, L., Synergies of controller-based LED drivers and quality solid-state lighting. 2nd Conference on Ph.D. Research in MicroElectronics and Electronics (PRIME 2006), Otranto (Lecce), Italy, June 12-15, 2006, pp. 405-408.(International publication)
  • Moisio, O., Pajula, M., Pinho, P., Tetri, E., Halonen, L., Sepponen, R., Use of junction temperature in control of CCT in LED luminaire. CIE Midterm Meeting and International Lighting Congress, Congreso Internacional de Iluminación - El alumbrado en el siglo XXI, Léon, Spain, May 12-21, 2005. (International publication)
  • Pinho, P., Tetri, E., Halonen, L., Design and performance assessments of solid state light sources for plant growth. Lux Europa 2005 Lighting for humans - The 10th European Lighting Conference, Berlin, Germany, September 19-21, 2005, Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft e.V. , pp. 297-301. (International publication)
  • Pinho, P., Moisio, O., Tetri, E., Halonen, L. Photobiological aspects of crop plants grown under light emitting diodes. CIE Expert Symposium on LED Light Sources, Tokyo, Japan, June 7-8, 2004, CIE Central Bureau, pp. 71-74. (International publication)
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