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Integrated Daylighting Systems Based on Smart Controls for User

Project Team at Lighting Laboratory
  • Professor, D.Sc.(Tech.) Liisa Halonen (Leader)
  • Research Scientist, M.Sc. Jorma Lehtovaara
  • Research Scientist, D.Sc.(Tech.) Eino Tetri
  • Research Scientist, Lic.Sc.(Tech.) Ali Nazzal
  • Research Scientist, M.Sc. Paula Kosonen
  • Research Scientist, M.Sc. Petteri Palmi
  • Research Scientist, B.Sc. Esa Kurhinen
  • Special Laboratory Technician, Eino Helin
Project Objectives

IDAS is a large EU-project on integration of daylight in building. The main target is to find out 'Advanced lighting system'. The project is expected to produce theoretical foundation and model for daylight integration, industrially viable technology for pilot components and systems, pilot studies, design guides and other publications. The main tasks of Lighting Laboratory are to study and develop control systems, to establish visual requirements, to create a method for glare evaluation, to carry out and to develop a lamp life test and to develop a luminaires for integrated control systems.

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