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Virtual Space 4D
Control of Indoor Environment

Project Team at Lighting Laboratory
Project Partners
  • TTL, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), Helsinki
  • VTT, Building and Transport, Espoo
  • VTT, Industrial Systems, Tampere
  • Turku Regional Institute of Occupational Health, Turku
  • Lappeenranta Regional Institute of Occupational Health, Lappeenranta
  • SAMK, Satakunta Polytechnic, Pori
Project Objectives

The study is part of a larger Virtual Space 4D research project. Its objective is to develop methods for modelling and visualising the indoor conditions that are obtained with different technical solutions to the end user of the space in the design phase. The objective of the Lighting subproject is to develop the knowledge and modelling techniques of the following items:

  • Calculation and measurement of lighting quality factors
  • Modelling of lighting systems and room spaces
  • Input and output data formats
  • Comparations of lighting calculation and visualization programs and their accuracy analyses in case studies
  • Need and use of calculation results for different applications and user groups
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