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DAMEX: Data Management and Exploitations
During the Use of a Facility

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Project Description

Applying ICT (data management, sophisticated UIs, user centered design, embedded sensors and wireless communication) during the life cycle of facilities will upgrade the facility maintenance process. The better process will provide added value to the facility, enhanced user utility and optimized services.

The main idea of the project is to create a new way of action for the heterogenic building stock, where so far few buildings have been planned based on product models. The way of action will support both networking (enabling data transformation) and development of Knowledge Intensive Business Services.

This project focuses on the operations post occupancy phase of a facility supporting the owners, occupants and service providers with modern information technologies. The requirements of this phase will effect also on the design phase of a facility. The goal is to create and demonstrate a usable data management concept for a facility supporting different user roles during the use of a facility. The result will contain a minimum (partially demonstrated) solution for existing building stock as well as the sophisticated concept for the new way of action. The data management over the life cycle of a facility supports the variety of users: owners, occupants, service providers, insurance companies, estate agents, fire authorities, sewerage system, waterworks, electricity works, supervision of building etc., The user centred design ensures an usable and easy to learn user interface for various users.

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