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LED-based Lighting System for Plants Illumination

Project Team at Lighting Laboratory
Project Objectives
The aim is to make a luminaire with LEDs, in which the amount of radiation, spectrum and colour properties are adjustable for the needs of a plant or for the certain application. Demoluminaire is done for the greenhouse application, but the control equipments are universally applicable and thus the solutions can be applied in other applications as well. The lighting system has to endure the severe environmental conditions met in greenhouses. The distribution of luminous intensity has to be such that the luminaire can be installed near plants.
  • Paulo Pinho, Oskari Moisio, Eino Tetri, Liisa Halonen, “Photobiological aspects of crop plants grown under light emitting diodes” in Proceedings of the CIE Symposium 04, LED Light Sources: Physical Measurements and Visual and Photobiological Assessment, Tokyo, Japan, 2004, pp. 71-74


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