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Energy Performance of Buildings

Project Team at Lighting Laboratory
  • Development Centre for Finnish Building Services Ltd
  • Suomen talotekniikan kehityskeskus - TAKE
  • Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto Ener ja Rak
  • VTT
  • Several Finnish companies

Research is concerning the implementation of the Energy performance of buildings directive (2002/91/EC). The new regulations come into effect nationally at the beginning of the year 2006. The aim is to improve the energy-efficiency of the buildings by defining the indicators for energy-efficiency and by developing the calculations methods to calculate the indicators. The aim of the directive and thus also the aim of this project is to improve the energy-efficiency of buildings by taking into consideration local climate and other circumstances, microclimate of room and cost efficiency. In the Lighting Laboratory's part of the project the energy use of the lighting and electric appliances is studied.




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